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Schedule 3—Further amendments

Schedule 3 Further amendments

Part 1 Amendment relating to transmitter licence refunds

Radiocommunications Taxes Collection Act 1983

1  Paragraph 10C(2)(d)

After “transmitter licence”, insert “during the financial year ending on 30 June 2017”.

Part 2 Amendments relating to broadcasting licensee support payments

Broadcasting Legislation Amendment (Broadcasting Reform) Act 2017

2  Item 40 of Schedule 6 (cell at table item 3, column headed “Company”)

Repeal the cell, substitute:

Network Investments Pty Ltd

3  At the end of Part 3 of Schedule 6


43  Modified operation of Part

This Part has effect in relation to Network Investments Pty Ltd (see table item 3 of the table in item 40) as if:

                     (a)  the designated day for the financial year beginning on 1 July 2017 were the day that is 28 days after the day on which this item commences; and

                     (b)  paragraph 39(1)(c) did not apply; and

                     (c)  the reference to 1 November 2017 in subitem 39(2) were a reference to the day that is 28 days after the day on which this item commences.