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Part 4—Other matters

Part 4 Other matters


10   Part 2 does not create or give rise to rights or obligations

             (1)  Part 2 does not, by its terms or operation, create or give rise to any rights (whether substantive or procedural), or obligations, that are legally enforceable in judicial or other proceedings.

             (2)  A failure to comply with Part 2 does not affect the validity of any decision, and is not a ground for the review or challenge of any decision.

             (3)  No action, suit or proceeding is to be instituted in reliance on the terms of Part 2 or the operation of that Part.

11   Act not intended to exclude similar State or Territory laws

                   This Act is not intended to apply to the exclusion of any law of a State or Territory that provides for the recognition of veterans or their families.