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Indigenous Affairs Legislation Amendment Bill 2011

Schedule 2 Indigenous Land Corporation


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Act 2005

1  After subsection 191F(2)


Supporting native title settlements

          (2A)  The Indigenous Land Corporation must have regard to any guidelines in force under section 191HA:

                     (a)  in deciding whether to perform its functions in support of a native title settlement; and

                     (b)  if it decides to perform its functions in support of a native title settlement—in performing its functions in support of that settlement.

Note:          The Native Title Act 1993 deals with making and resolving native title claims.

2  After section 191H


191HA   Ministerial guidelines about supporting native title settlements

                   The Minister may, by legislative instrument, make guidelines for the purposes of subsection 191F(2A).

3  After subsection 191I(1)


Interaction with guidelines under section 191HA

          (1A)  Guidelines referred to in subsection (1) have no effect to the extent to which they are inconsistent with guidelines referred to in section 191HA.

Note:       The heading to section 191I is altered by omitting “ Guidelines ” and substituting “ Indigenous Land Corporation guidelines ”.

4  Subsection 191I(2)

After “guidelines”, insert “referred to in subsection (1)”.