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Indigenous Education (Targeted Assistance) Amendment Bill 2011

Schedule 1 Amendment of the Indigenous Education (Targeted Assistance) Act 2000


1  Subsection 3(1)

Omit “2013”, substitute “2014”.

2  Section 11D

Repeal the section.

3  Subsection 14B(1) (table item 1)

Omit “$159,430,000”, substitute “$130,305,000”.

4  Subsection 14B(1) (table item 2)

Omit “$167,058,000”, substitute “$126,206,000”.

5  Subsection 14B(1) (table item 3)

Omit “$163,703,000”, substitute “$117,200,000”.

6  Subsection 14B(1) (table item 4)

Omit “$161,236,000”, substitute “$120,020,000”.

7  After section 14B


14C   Appropriations for non-ABSTUDY payments—2013

Appropriations—starting amounts

             (1)  Each amount specified in the following table (as increased in accordance with subsection (2)) is appropriated out of the Consolidated Revenue Fund for the purpose of making non-ABSTUDY payments during the specified period.


Appropriations for non-ABSTUDY payments


Starting amount

for the period starting on ...

and ending on ...



1 January 2013

30 June 2014

Increasing starting amounts

             (2)  The regulations may make provision for increasing an amount mentioned in the table in subsection (1) by reference to changes in a specified index.