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Social Security and Other Legislation Amendment (Pension Reform and Other 2009 Budget Measures) Bill 2009

Schedule 14 Indexation under the family assistance law


A New Tax System (Family Assistance) Act 1999

1  Subsection 3(1) (definition of CPC rate )

Repeal the definition.

2  Subsection 3(7)

Repeal the subsection.

3  Subclause 3(1) of Schedule 4 (table item 17B)

Repeal the item, substitute:




1 July


highest December quarter before reference quarter (but not earlier than December quarter 2008)


4  Subclause 4(2) of Schedule 4 (method statement, step 4)

Omit “(The indexed amount may be increased under clause 7 in certain cases.)”.

5  Part 3 of Schedule 4

Repeal the Part.