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Midwife Professional Indemnity (Commonwealth Contribution) Scheme Bill 2010

Part 1 Introduction


72   Guide to this Chapter

             (1)  This Chapter provides for the payment of run-off cover support payments and the administration of run-off cover support payments.

             (2)  The Midwife Professional Indemnity (Run-off Cover Support Payment) Act 2010 (the Payment Act ):

                     (a)  imposes payments on eligible insurers for contribution years; and

                     (b)  specifies the amount of those payments (by reference to an eligible insurer’s premium income for the contribution year).

This Chapter contains further provisions relating to the payment.

             (3)  The following table tells you where to find the provisions dealing with various issues:


Where to find the provisions on various issues





which years are contribution years?

section 5 of the Payment Act


who must pay the run-off cover support payment?

section 73 of this Act


who is exempt from the run-off cover support payment?

section 74 of this Act


what is the amount of the run-off cover support payment?

section 6 of the Payment Act


what is the time for paying the run-off cover support payment?

section 75 of this Act


when is late payment penalty payable?

section 76 of this Act


what method should be used to pay the run-off cover support payment?

section 77 of this Act


what happens if an amount of run-off cover support payment is overpaid?

section 78 of this Act


how are run-off cover support payments and late payment penalties recovered?

sections 79 of this Act


what information has to be given to the Medicare Australia CEO about run-off cover support payment matters?

sections 82 and 83 of this Act