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Water Bill 2007

Part 2 Water charging objectives


2   Water charging objectives

                   The water charging objectives are:

                     (a)  to promote the economically efficient and sustainable use of:

                              (i)  water resources; and

                             (ii)  water infrastructure assets; and

                             (ii)  government resources devoted to the management of water resources; and

                     (b)  to ensure sufficient revenue streams to allow efficient delivery of the required services; and

                     (c)  to facilitate the efficient functioning of water markets (including inter-jurisdictional water markets, and in both rural and urban settings); and

                     (d)  to give effect to the principles of user-pays and achieve pricing transparency in respect of water storage and delivery in irrigation systems and cost recovery for water planning and management; and

                     (e)  to avoid perverse or unintended pricing outcomes.