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Thursday, 14 November 1974
Page: 2409

The CHAIRMAN - The question now is: That the Bill be reported without requests. Members of the Committee, before I report this Bill I wish to state to the Committee that during the proceedings in Committee last evening an adviser to a Minister presented himself in the official advisers' benches dressed in a manner which I consider inappropriate for his position. I take this opportunity to state that whilst I am occupying the position of Chairman of Committees advisers to Ministers who occupy the advisers' benches must come dressed in an appropriate manner and with a sense of the dignity of the Senate. I ask that departmental heads take note of my comment.

Senator McLaren - I would like to query that, Mr Chairman. On what basis do you rule regarding the type of dress that any person should wear in this chamber? What standing order are you using to give your ruling?

The CHAIRMAN - I am ruling in that way because I happen to be in charge of the Committee.

Senator McLaren - I am still asking you: What are you now describing as appropriate dress for any person in this chamber?

Senator Murphy - Mr Chairman,may I suggest that the matter might be taken up at some other time? I think that it is technically out of order. May I suggest that we get on with the Bill? If it is desired to question your ruling, Mr Chairman, that ought to be done at some other appropriate time.

The CHAIRMAN - I just wish to state for the benefit of. Senator McLaren that the adviser came into the chamber dressed in a polo-neck pullover and jeans, and that if anybody appears on the floor of the Senate in that way while I am in charge of the Committee I will order that he withdraw.

Senator McLaren - I will appear dressed in the same way the next time you are in the Chair and we will see what you do to me. I will try you out.

Question resolved in the affirmative.

BDI reported without requests; report adopted.

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