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Wednesday, 25 September 1974
Page: 1384

Senator MURPHY (New South WalesLeader of the Government in the Senate) - I ask that further questions go on notice.

Senator LAWRIE (QUEENSLAND) - Do we not get an hour for questions any more?

Senator MURPHY - I understand that it is an hour and one minute.

Senator Carrick - That is from petitions.

Senator MURPHY - My understanding is that following the presentation of petitions and the commencement of question time one hour and one minute elapsed before I asked that further questions go on notice.

The PRESIDENT - Senator Lawrieand Senator Missen were seeking to ask a question. I had to allow supplementary questions at times, so I would appreciate it if the questions were asked.

Senator MURPHY -Of course.

Senator Georges - I seek leave to make a statement on what you, Mr President, have said. I had a question to ask. I refrained from asking it because I thought that the time for questions had elapsed and that this fact was about to be pointed out by the Leader of the Government. I feel that the decision that question time is at an end ought to stand.

Senator MURPHY -Mr President,may I explain the position to the Senate? It is always very difficult when, after the hour for questions has elapsed, somebody says: 'May I ask a question?' It makes it all the more difficult to go past the hour, and I have found from experience that however harsh it might seem it is easier and more dignified if we stick to the time limit rather than defer to any requests except yours, Mr President. You having asked that two further questions be permitted, I think it is appropriate and in conformity with the dignity of the Senate that your request be acceded to.

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