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Tuesday, 20 November 1973
Page: 1945

Senator Greenwood asked the AttorneyGeneral, upon notice:

(   1 ) How many houses or premises were raided by the Commonwealth police on the morning of 1 April.

(2)   How many Commonwealth police were engaged in the raids.

(3)   Is it true that, as a result of the raids, a total of 14 persons were charged with offences; if not, how many people were charged with offences.

(4)   Were all the offences with which persons were charged offences understate law.

(5   ) In respect of each person charged (a) what was his name, (b) what was the offence or offences with which he was charged, (c) when was the charge heard, and (d) what has been the result of the hearing of the charge.

Senator Murphy - I am advised that the answer to the Honourable Senator's question is as follows:

(1)   The Commonwealth police took part with the New South Wales police in searches of 58 premises on 1 April 1 973.

(2)   130 Commonwealth police were engaged in those searches.

(3)   14 Persons were charged as a result of the searches.

(4)   Yes.

(5)   (a) (b) and (c), (i) Anic- with explosives in possessiontried on 2 1 August 1973.

(ii)   Garie- with resisting arrest, driving with prescribed amount of alcohol and negligent driving- tried on 16 August 1973.

(iii)   Jandrasec- with goods in custody (2) charges- tried on 1 May 1973.

(iv)   Lasic- with goods in custody- tried on 8 May 1973.

(v)   Lesic- with unlicenced starting pistol- tried on 8 May 1973.

(vi)   Frank Padjan- with goods in custody- tried on 15 August 1973.

(vii)   Ivan Padjan- with receiving stolen goods (2 charges) and goods in custody- committal proceedings on IS August 1973.

(   viii) Mrs Ravnjak- with assaulting New South Wales police and obstructing New South Wales police- remanded to 12 December 1973.

(ix)   J. Ravnjak- with explosives in possession,' assaulting New South Wales police (2 charges) and unseemly wordstried on 27 April 1973.

(x)   Suljak- with explosives in possession- tried on 14 June 1973.

(xi)   Topic- with unlicensed pistol- trial was set down for 22 August 1973.

(xii)   Blajic- with possession of military ammunition and military rifle-tried 26 June 1973.

(xiii)   Tokic- with explosives in possession- tried on 1 1 October 1973.

(xiv)   Juricic- with explosives in possession and possession of unlicensed pistol- tried on 23 August 1973. (d)(i) Convicted and sentenced to four (4) months' imprisonment suspended on a good behaviour bond for three (3) years.

(ii)   Convicted and fined $80 on resisting arrest by New South Wales police; fined $150 on the drive with prescribed amount of alcohol; remanded on the negligent driving charge. Appeal lodged- date for appeal to be fixed.

(iii)   Convicted and fined $25 on each charge.

(iv)   Dismissed.

(v)   Convicted and fined $30- appeal lodged- date of appeal to be fixed.

(   vi) Convicted and fined $ 100.

(vii)   Committed for trial at Quarter Sessions on 30 November 1973.

(viii)   Remanded to 12 December 1973.

(ix)   Convicted on assaulting New South Wales police (2 charges) and for unseemly words and was sentenced from fines to 3 months' imprisonment. Appeal lodged on all three convictions and appeal upheld on the two charges of assaulting New South Wales police but appeal was dismissed on unseemly words and fine of $ 10 was confirmed.

(x)   Convicted and sentenced to 14 days' imprisonment suspended on 12 months' good behaviour bond.

(xi)   Remanded to 22 August 1973. Did not appear to face trial- recognizance forfeited- warrant issued. Accused has left Australia.

(xii)   Dismissed.

(xiii)   Dismissed.

(xiv)   Convicted and sentenced to 4 months' imprisonment on charge of unlicensed pistol; the explosive charge was dismissed and his sentence was suspended on a two years' good behaviour bond.

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