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Tuesday, 11 May 1965

Senator HENTY - The Treasurer has supplied the following answers to the honorable senator's questions -

1.   Yes. The conversion programme for cash registers and other business machines will be carried out by some 30 companies, and will be supervised by the Decimal Currency Board. The Board will ensure that, as far as practicable, the companies complete their conversion work in the same areas at the same times, although this will be complicated because there will be varying numbers and types of machines for which the companies will be responsible in a particular area, and the resources of the companies themselves will not be the same. I understand the Board has in mind that the conversion programme for cash registers will commence simultaneously in each State in February 1966. 2. (a) and (b) The regional conversion programme is not likely to be so rigid as to hold back a company in a particular area until other companies have completed conversion of their machines. Some conpanies will no doubt have varying numbers of machines in particular areas, and one company may therefore move into an area ahead of the others. Where possible, arrangements will be made for such a company, on encountering machines of other makes in the hands of the one owner, to notify the other companies concerned, thus permitting the machines to be collected and converted at approximately the same time, (c) It is expected that the machine conversion programme will take li to 2 years to complete.

3.   I announced in a Press stattement on 24th November 1964, that the Government had accepted responsibility for converting at its own expense all price computing scales installed when new between 1st January 1946 and 30th September 1965. The Chairman of the Decimal Currency Board gave further details of conversion arrangements for these machines in a statement dated 29th November 1964. I have arranged for copies of these statements to be made available to the honorable senator. I understand that the Decimal Currency Board shortly intends to issue a leaflet which will set out in some detail the procedures to be followed for the guidance of owners of each model of price computing scales.

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