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Wednesday, 31 March 1965

Senator WRIGHT (Tasmania) . - It might meet the objections which have been raised if we were to postpone consideration of clause 4 at the present time and move on to consider clause 5, with a view to considering whether or not sub-clause (1 .) should stand. If honorable senators think that it would be more appropriate to" discuss the amendment when dealing with clause 5 (1.), I merely offer the suggestion so that the time which we have devoted to the amendment will not be wasted. That may assist in the Committee's consideration of the matter. If that course is not followed, when clause 5 is considered I shall test whether sub-clause (1.) should stand or fall. If I fail in that course, 1 shall seek to substitute the word " regulation " for the words " instrument in writing ". I suggest that it would meet the convenience of the Minister, as well as the objections that have been raised by Senator Murphy and Senator Bishop, if I were to move the postponement of clause 4, and if we were to regard the debate that has ensued as being relevant to clause 5 (1.). I move -

That further consideration of clause 4 be postponed until after consideration of clause 5.

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