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Tuesday, 20 October 1964

Senator GORTON (Victoria) (Minister for Works) .- The £15,000 will include £1,000 for a parliamentary delegation to Papua and New Guinea for the Anzac Day observance this year.

Senator McClelland - There was a parliamentary delegation last year.

Senator GORTON - I am giving information on how this £15,000 is to be spent. An amount of £12,000 is to provide for visits to Papua and New Guinea by United Nations representatives. As the honorable senator knows, selected persons visit the Territory from time to time, lt is proposed that eight such persons will visit the Territory in 1964-65. That is estimated to cost £12,000. There was the cost of the parliamentary delegation to Papua and New Guinea in June 1964 for the opening for the House of Assembly. Only part of the cost of that delegation was brought to account in the financial year 1963-64. The part that was not brought to account then comes into the present financial year and accounts for the other £2,000 of the £15,000. The amount of £1:5,000 is made up of £2,000 for the item to which I have just referred, £12,000 for the United Nations visit and £1,000 for the visit of the parliamentary delegation on Anzac Day.

Proposed expenditure noted.

Proposed expenditures - Christmas Island, £100; Cocos (Keeling) Islands, £63,500; Norfolk Island, £38,400- noted.

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