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Wednesday, 17 December 1941

At the request of Senator E. B. Johnston I am drawing your attention to the following facts relative to the writs issued by the State Commissioner of Taxation and the Federal Commissioner of Taxation against him for income and other taxes.

(a)   The total sum sued for by the Taxation authorities is ?91,939 5s. 8d., of which ?10,445 17s. 9d. is for State taxes and ?75,493 7s.11d. is for Federal taxes.

(b)   Of the above total sum ?38,244 represents taxes claimed and the balance. ?53,695 is for penalties (fines).

(c)   The whole of the reassessments in respect of which the above taxes and penalties are made have been objected to by Senator Johnston.

(d)   Under the Income Tax Acts, the Taxation Department is empowered to sue for the total taxes (which include the penalties) notwithstanding that the objections to the whole of the reassessments have yet to be heard by the Court or the Board of Review.

(e)   A great part of the claim for taxes is for income already assessed in respect of relatives of Senator Johnston, on which income tax amounting to ?11,025 was duly paid.

Yours faithfully, (Sgd.) N. B. Robinson.

I do not wish to comment upon the facts set out in that communication.

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