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Thursday, 3 July 1941

" Curse ", Says Mr.beck. " My federal political experience, short though it may be, bus convinced me that the greatest curse in Australia is the professional politician ", said Mr. A. J. Beck, M.H.R., in an address to the Australian Women's National League at Hobart yesterday. The president (Mrs. F. Mary Parker) was in the chair.

Mr. Becksaid the professional party politician was not pulling his weight."You have seen photographs of an empty House ", said Mr. Beck, " and it is not surprising. To hear these men prating at length in endless repetition is both a waste of valuable time and very boring ". The professional party politician was actuated in all he did by considerations of his own political skin only. They should forget party today and work for the nation. That was one of their major troubles - talking all the time and getting nowhere.

He hud come to the conclusion that Hansard was one of the curses of Parliament. He had seen professional politicians begin to speak, notice that the Hansard reporter was absent, and wait for him to arrive before continuing.

In the first place, that is a reflection upon members of the Hansard staff, who are officers of this Parliament. That is the first untrue statement that Mr. Beck made in his address to that body.

Senator McBride - That is a matter of opinion.

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