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Thursday, 26 June 1941

External Territories- Honorable A. McK. McDonald.

The Ministers were sworn in at Government House to-day and will take up their new duties forthwith.

Other administrative arrangements are-.

The Minister for "External Territories (Mr. McDonald) will also assist the Minister for the Interior (Senator Foll);

The Minister' for Aircraft Produc- tion (Senator Leckie) will also assist the Minister' for Munitions (Senator McBride) ;

The Minister for Transport (Mr. Anthony) will also assist the Treasurer (Mr. Fadden) and the Minister for Commerce (Sir Earle Page) ;

The Minister for Home Security (Mr. Abbott) will also assist the Minister for Defence Coordination (Mr. Menzies) and the Minister for the Army (Mr. Spender) ; and

The Postmaster-General (Mr. Collins) will also assist the Minister for 'Supply and Development (Senator McLeay).

In the House of Representatives -

Mr. Spenderwill represent the Minister for Supply and Development (Senator McLeay), the Minister for Munitions (Senator McBride) and the Minister for Aircraft Production (Senator Leckie) ; and

Mr. Holtwill represent the Minister for Repatriation (Senator Collett).

In the Senate -

Senator McLeaywill represent the PostmasterGeneral (Mr. Collins) ;

Senator McBridewill represent the Minister for Commerce. (Sir Earle Page), the Minister for Transport (Mr. Anthony) and the Minister for War Organization of Industry (Mr. Spooner) ;

Senator Follwillrepresent the Minister for Home Security (Mr." Abbott) ; and

Senator Collettwill represent the Minister for External Territories (Mr. McDonald).

Otherwise, the representation of Ministers in the respective Houses will remain as at present.

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