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Wednesday, 25 August 1937


That after proposed new section . 47 the following new section be inserted: - "47a. - (1.) Where an act confers power to make regulations, no regulation shall be made accordingly, unless the Attorney-General or the Solicitor-General, or some officer of the Attorney-General's Department thereto authorized in writing by the Attorney-General or the Solicitor-General, certifies that the regulation, if made, would not bc in excess of the power conferred by the act under which it purports to be made. (2.) Any regulation made in contravention of this section shall bc void and of no effect. (3.) The notification in the Gazette of any regulation made after the commencement of this section shall be prima facie evidence that a certificate was duly given in respect of that regulation in accordance with sub-section (1.) of this Section.

Because the Senate insisted upon the insertion o£ this provision in the previous bill the measure was dropped. I do not propose to make a long speech in reply to the statements of the Assistant Minister (Senator Brennan), I recall that he was for a time Chairman of the Regulations and Ordinances Committee; in fact, I am glad to say that it was largely at my instigation that he was prevailed upon to accept the position, and an excellent chairman lie proved himself to he. I feel that if he were still chairman of the committee, we might possibly find him voting with us on this matter to-day. Certainly we found that our general views on such matters, when we were members of the committee, were very similar. Mine have remained constant; they are to-day what they were in the past ; so I hope that the honorable senator in his heart is constant too. The honorable senator stated that I professed to be a parliament man. I sincerely hope that he does not raise any doubt on that matter.

Senator Brennan - -Nc ; we are together there.

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