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Wednesday, 18 November 1936

Senator COLLINGS - A dictionary which I have here gives to " marketing " the following meaning : - " The act or practice or buying or selling in market ". All this talk arises from the fact that either people are afraid that the proposal of the Government does not mean what it says, or they have the attitude of defeatism, and are afraid to give to the proposal their wholehearted and enthusiastic support. The criticism of my attitude has been somewhat flattering. I suppose that I am as responsive to flattery as is any other ordinary human being. The suggestion is that because I have declared the intention of the Opposition in this chamber to support the bill, not only in this chamber but also in Queensland, in order to make sure that there is a majority of electors in favour of the Government's proposal in at least one State, I shall show insincerity unless I go also to New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania and the other States and advocate it. I know that the compliment is only implied, and I have no intention to dissipate my energies in that way. My job is in Queensland, and the job of other honorable senators is in the States which they represent in this chamber-. If honorable senators want to see the fair thing done by the primary producers of this country, let them stand by the vote recorded here to-night and reject any amendment which, instead of improving the bill, will make it more difficult for the people to understand.

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