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Thursday, 22 March 1928

Senator Sir GEORGE PEARCE (Western Australia) (Vice-President Executive Council) [3.58]. - As the Minister in charge of the bill. has no further opportunity to speak, I wish to say on his behalf that he will agree to the recommittal on the distinct understanding, of course, that the Government will not .accept the request that Senator Chapman will probably submit. I wish also to make it quite clear that no promise waa given last night that the Government would agree to a recommittal. This is what happened: Ministers were desirous of having the Financial Agreement Bill brought in before 10.30 p.m., and Senator Chapman was equally anxious to move for the recommittal of the Customs Tariff Bill. I turned to him and said, " You can move the recommittal tomorrow", but I did not promise that the Government would agree to hia motion.

Senator Andrew - That is so.

Question resolved in the affirmative.

In Committee(Recommittal)

The schedule -

Division VI. - Metals and Machinery. Item 152-

By omitting the whole of sub-item (a) and inserting in its stead the following sub-item: -

And on and after1st January. 1 929 -

(a)   Iron and steel tubes or pipes (except riveted, cast, close jointed or cycle tubes orpipes) not more than 3 inches internal diameter; iron anl steel boiler tubes, ad val., British 40 per cent., intermediate 55 per cent., general . 60 per cent.

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