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Wednesday, 7 December 1927

Senator GRANT (New South Wales) . - In his reply to Senator Payne the Minister did not state how much of the £27,950 is for the conveyance of members of Parliament and how much for the conveyance of other persons. If railway fares for members of Parliament cost £17,920 per annum, that still leaves £10,030 not accounted for. The committee is entitled to know what persons other than members of Parliament are conveyed free on the railways.

I also take this opportunity to enter my emphatic protest against the imposition of what I regard as a poll tax of 2s. in respect of every person who lands at Launceston or Burnie from the mainland of Australia. No other State imposes such a tax. The practice should be discontinued. Members of Parliament who visit Tasmania do not' themselves pay the tax. ' It is wrong that the taxpayers of the Commonwealth should be required to pay to the Tasmanian Government 2s. every time a member of this Parliament lands at either of the ports I have mentioned. I should like to know how much these payments represent each year.

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