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Wednesday, 23 November 1927

Senator NEEDHAM (Western Australia) . - In accordance with the letter I have forwarded to the President, I move -

That the Senate at its rising adjourn till 10 o'clock a.m. on Monday 28th November .

Senator Givens - I rise to a point of order. A motion for adjournment in order to discuss matter of urgent public importance must be supported by four honorable senators rising in their places.

The PRESIDENT - The motion must be supported by four honorable senators and the mover.

Senator Needham - Would you, Mr. President, kindly read the Standing Order?

The PRESIDENT -Standing Order 64 (1) reads as follows: -

A motion without notice, that the Senate at its rising adjourn to any day or' hour other than that fixed for the next ordinary meeting of the Senate for the purpose of de- bating some matter of urgency, can only be made after petitions have been presented and Notices of Questions and Motions given, and before the business of the day is proceeded with, and such motion can be made notwithstanding there be on the paper a motion for adjournment to a time other than that of the next ordinary meeting. The Senator so moving must make in writing, and hand in to the President, a. statement of the matter of urgency. Such motion must be supported by four senators rising in their places as indicating their approval thereof. . . .

The motion, not having been supported by four honorable senators, cannot be moved.

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