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Tuesday, 8 June 1926

Senator PAYNE (Tasmania) . - I move -

That the House of Representatives be requested to leave out the words " Road Rollers, n.e.i., including Scarifier Attachments," subitein (2), and to insert new paragraph as follows: - " (3) Road Rollers, n.e.i., including Scarifier Attachments, ad val,, British, 17½ per cent."

I shall deal first with the British preferential tariff. Under the 1921 schedule, local manufacturers received the advantage of a duty of 27½ per cent, ad valorem. To that had to be added the cost of freight and other charges, which, in the case of heavy road-rollers, were considerable. It is estimated that freight and other charges of transportation on a road-roller imported from Great Britain would be approximately the same as the duty imposed under the 1921 tariff. The total protection afforded to Australian manufacturers of road-rollers under the 1921 tariff Avas thus from 50 to 60 per cent.

Senator Reid - Who told the honorable senator that ?

Senator PAYNE - I have it in a statement from a reliable source. The freight and other charges on textiles and articles of apparel amount to from 10 to 12½ per cent. A heavy and bulky machine like a road-roller Avould bear much heavier freight charges than goods -which could be packed in a small space. The duty on a road-roller costing £700 in Great Britain was, under the 1921 tariff, £212; under the Government's proposals the duty on a similar roller will be £308, an increase of £96.

Senator Reid - How does that compare with the price of the locally-made roller ?

Senator PAYNE - I have no informa- ' tion on that point; but I remind the honorable senator that we can pay too great a price for the privilege of having roadrollers made in Australia. A road-roller is road-making machinery. It should therefore, be regarded as one of the requirements necessary for the development of this country, and we should hesitate before increasing the duty from. £212 to £308.

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