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Wednesday, 2 June 1926

Senator HOARE (South Australia) .- The test that should be applied to the duties in this item is - Can the articles be produced in Australia ? If they are not manufactured here those who use them should not be taxed through the Customs. I am prepared to support the Government in any tariff proposals for the building up of Australian industries, but I am not disposed to support duties designed, merely for revenue producing purposes.

Senator Crawford - We are not imposing new duties, but reducing existing duties.

Senator HOARE - I am aware of that. There was no justification for the imposition of duties on these articles originally, if they cannot be manufactured in Australia. If the Government is looking for revenue, why not impose a duty on silks and satins? The burden would then fall upon the shoulders of people best able to hear it.

Senator Duncan - Nearly all girls nowadays wear silk.

Senator HOARE - Yes, "silk" stockings made from wood fibre. I fail to see why the users of the articles included in this item should be penalized.

Item agreed to.

Item 107-

By omitting the figures " 40 " appearing in the second last line, and inserting in their stead the figures " 4S."

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