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Friday, 18 November 1921

Senator FOSTER (Tasmania) . - I intend to vote for the higher duties, because I understand that large quantities of Italian marble may possibly be imported ' as ballast at a very low rate, and may come into competition with the marble used for general purposes. I do not wish to be accused of hampering the arts and placing a duty on an article that is essential to sculptors, but I intend to vote for the motion for the reason I have given.

Motion agreed to.

Item 275 -

On and after 31st October, 1921-

(a)   Sulphur, per ton., British, 15s.; intermediate, 20s. ; general, 50s.

Senate's Request.- Amend sub-item to make it read -

(a)   (1) Sulphur, n.e.i., per ton, British. 15s.; intermediate, 20s.; general, 50s.

(2)   Sulphur, volcanic, for manufacturing purposes, for which purposes sulphuric acid produced from pyrites or other sulphide ores is not suitable, as prescribed by departmental by-laws, British, free; intermediate, free; general, free.

House of Representatives' Message.- Made with the following modification: - The date has been altered to - " On and after 31st March, 1922."

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