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Friday, 18 November 1921

Senator SENIOR (South Australia) . - Senator Drake-Brockman professes to come from a university, and he calls these specimens that I have produced " quartz." A most rudimentary knowledge of quartz and marble would have told him that marble h carbonate of lime, and that quartz is silica. Marble can be tested in a moment by hydrochloric acid. . The acid, when brought into contact with the marble, will act upon it, and give off a gas. Any member of the Committee is welcome to test the specimens I have produced with hydrochloric acid. The test will prove whether Senator Drake-Brockman's knowledge is knowledge, or whether what he has said was only a guess. I say that the specimens are. marble.

Senator Drake-Brockman - Has the honorable senator tested them?

Senator SENIOR - I tested them by several means. ! would not assure the Committee that they are marble if I did not know them to be marble. There are marble deposits all over Australia that have been tested again and again. The stone would not have been sent to AustraliaHouse without being tested. It seems to me that nothing short of a blow on the head with it will convince the honorable senator that it is hard. Vessels that bring Carrara marble to Australia bring it as ballast, and to make up for the light weight of certain cargo. Is the Committee going to be unpatriotic enough to allow the product of the cheap labour of Italy to compete with the Australian product, especially when it is shipped in such conditions?

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