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Friday, 18 November 1921

Senator DUNCAN (New South Wales) . Varnish quite good enough for all practical purposes can be, and is being, made in Australia. A duty of 15 per cent, against varnish imported from Great Britain is not sufficient protection to enable the Australian manufacturers to carry ou their business. Varnish is made entirely from imported materials.

Senator E D MILLEN (NEW SOUTH WALES) - Linseed oil is dutiable.

Senator DUNCAN - We make most pf that here, but tung oil, and the gum wed in manufacturing this article, arc imported, and are subject to a fairly heavy duty under this Tariff. Senator

Gardiner seems to imagine that locallymade varnish is not good enough for Australian requirements.

Senator Gardiner - It is not good enough for the best work.

Senator DUNCAN - The Railway Department in New South Wales, after exhaustive tests, came to the conclusion that locally-made varnish would best withstand Australian conditions, and it is now used almost exclusively for railway purposes in that State. If Australian varnishes are good enough for such requirements, they should meet all our ordinary needs. I cannot agree with Senator Gardiner that because the other Chamber has not accepted some of our suggestions we should refuse to further nego tiate. Let us judge each case on its merits.

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