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Wednesday, 31 August 1921

Senator E D MILLEN (NEW SOUTH WALES) (Minister for Repatriation) . -Whilst these articles are neoessariry usek in' hospitals, I think the honorable Senator will admit that they are also to be found in every reasonably appointed household. Moreover, they are manufactorned in the Common wealth, and are, therefore, in the same position as hundreds of other articles made here. There Is 'no reason why we should differentiate in this connexion.

Item agreed to.

Item 333 (Pneumatio rubber tyres) agreed to. division xiii.-- PAPERANDSTATIONERY.

Item 334-

Paper, viz.: -

(c)   (1) News printing, not glazed, mill- glazed or coated, in rolla not less tha"n 10 inches in width or in sheets not less than 20 inches by 25 inches, or its . equivalent, ad val.-, British, 5 per cent; intermediate, 10 per cent. ; general, 10 per cent.; and on and niter 6th July, 1921, per ton, British, free; intermediate, £3; general, £3.

(2)   Printing, n.e.i. (glazed, unglazed, mill-glazed, or coated ) , not ruled or printed in any way in Tolls not less than 10 inches in width or in sheets not less than 20 inches by 25 inches or its equivalent, ad val., British, 5 per cent.; intermediate, 10 per cent.; general, 15 per cent.

(d)   (2) Tissue, and tissue cap paper and paper for paper patterns, in sheets or rolls, per cwt., British, 6s.; intermediate, 7s. ; general, 8s. ; or ad val., British, 30 per cent. ; intermediate, 35 per cent., general, 40 per cent, whichever rate returns the higher duty; and on and after 6th July, 1921, per cwt., British, 6s.; intermediate, 7s.; general, 8s.; or ad val., British, 15 per cent. ; intermediate, 20 per cent. ; general, 25 per cent., whichever rate returns the higher duty.

And on unci after 6th July, 1921 -

(a)   (3) Bags, n.e.i., per cwt., British, 12s. ; intermediate, 13s. ; general, 14s.

(q)   Boards, n.e.i., ad val., British, 25 per cent.; intermediate, 30 per cent.; general, 35 per cent. ; and on and nfter 6th July, 1921, ad val., British. 25 per cent. ; intermediate, 30 per cent.,' general, 40 per cent.

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