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Tuesday, 30 August 1921

Senator GARDINER (New South Wales) .- I thought the Minister was going to postpone the sub-items now before us.

Senator Pearce - We will proceed with the discussion of the postponed items 8 and 9. and then, if any action taken by the Committee justifies us in doing so, the Government will agree to a reconsideration of the sub-items now before us.

Senator GARDINER - I quite understand that; but, at the same time, I see a difficulty which tie Minister; apparently, has lost sight of. We cannot possibly have a recommittal until the report stage, and then there will have to be a motion for recommittal.

Senator Pearce - Honorable senators may reconsider the item before going out of Committee.

Senator GARDINER - With respect to sub-iteme. I object that a tax of 3s. 9d. upon a fluid ounce makes the purchase of perfume almost prohibitive.

Senator Wilson - Perfume is a luxury.

Senator GARDINER - Of course, but I want my constituents to have luxuries, and to be able to get them cheaply. Why should certain things be made expensive in order that they shall be within the means only of the very rich? Why should the use of perfume be prohibited to the family of a working man? I move -

That the House of Representatives be requested to make sub-item (e), British, free.

Request negatived.

Item agreed to. division x.-Wood, wicker, and cane.

Item 291-

Timber, vis.: -

(c)   Logs, not sawn, ad val., British, 5 per cent.; intermediate, 5 per cent.; general, 10 per cent.

(e)   New Zealand white pine, undressed, n.e.i., for use in the manufacture of butter boxes, as prescribed by departmental by-laws, per 100 super. feet, British,1s.; intermediate,1s.; general,1s.

(f)   Timber, undressed, n.e.i., in sizes of 12 in. x 6 in. (or its equivalent) and over, per 100 super. feet, . . British, 3s.; intermediate, 3s.; general, 4s.

(G)   Timber, undressed, n.e.i., in sizes of 7 in. x 2½ in. (or its equivalent) and upwards, and less than 12 in. x C" in. (or its equivalent), per 100 super feet . . . British, 4s. 6d.; intermediate, 4s. 6d.; general, 5s. 6d.

(H)   Timber, undressed, n.e.i., in sizes less than 7 in. x 2½ in. (or its equivalent), per 100 super, feet . . . British, 5s.; intermediate, 5s.; general, 6s.

(i)   Timber, undressed, cut to size for making boxes, per 100 super, feet, British, 5s. ; intermediate, 5s. ; general, 5s.

(J)   Timber, for making boxes, being cut to size, and dressed or partly dressed, per 100 super, feet, British,6s. ; intermediate,6s. ; general, 6s.

(l)   Timber, dressed, n.e.i., per 100 super, feet . . . British,6s. ; intermediate, (is.; general,6s.

(m)   Plywood, veneered or otherwise, per 100 square feet, British, is.; intermediate, 4s.; general, as.; and on and after 29th June, 1921, per 100 square feet, British,6s. ; intermediate, 6s.; general, 7s.

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