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Friday, 26 August 1921

Senator PRATTEN (NEW SOUTH WALES) . - I am supporting the increased duties in this item.

Senator Lynch - Then sit down.

Senator PRATTEN (NEW SOUTH WALES) - I shall not sit down, because I have something to say on the item. One of the finest modem factories for the manufacture of the class of articles mentioned in it has recently been established in Sydney. I doubt if there is a better establishment of the kind in the world. It is a credit to Australia, and evidence of 'the encouragement given to local industries by this Tariff.

Item agreed to.

Item 256 (Printing roller composition)3 and item 257 (Slate slabs) agreed to.

Item 258 -

Wrought slate n.e.i., ad val., British, 30 per cent.; intermediate, 35 per cent.; general, 40 per cent.

Senator Lynch - What is the need for this big importation duty on wrought slate?

Senator Pearce - Not more than £318 worth was imported last year.

Item agreed to.

Item 259 (Roofing slates n.e.i.), item 260 (Bath bricks), and item 261 (Emery, oil, and whet stones, lithographic stones), agreed to.

Item 262-

Stone and marble.

(b)   Marble and granite, unwrought, including rough or scabbled from the pick, ad val., British, 10 per cent.; intermediate, 15 per cent.; general, 20 per cent.

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