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Thursday, 25 August 1921

Senator SENIOR (South Australia) . - The manufacturers of varnish have said that tung oil is necessary in the preparation of some varnishes.

Senator Pearce - And so is linseed oil.

Senator SENIOR - The 'Minister (Senator Pearce) said that linseed and not tung oil was used for the dressing of hardwood ; but if only linseed oil were used it would not last any time.

Senator Pearce - A mixture of raw and boiled linseed oil is generally used.

Senator SENIOR - It needs something to give it a face, so that it may resist the weather, and it is the same with varnishes. Those engaged in the business say that tung oil is necessary in the preparation of some kinds of varnishes, particularly the cheaper variety. Varnishes manufactured in countries where tung oil is admitted free enter into competition with those made from linseed oil.* If we are to compete with them it must be on a common ground. It is unreasonable to suggest that the manufacture of linseed oil should be encouraged because linseed cake is a by-product, and is useful in time of drought. The quantity of linseed cake used is comparatively small when compared with copra cake. The quantity of linseed cake made in Australia is infinitesimal.

Senator Pearce - Nearly 500,000 centals] of linseed were imported in 1918-19:

Senator SENIOR - Then, we are importing linseed to the discouragement of linseed-growers, who could produce meal, which would enter into competition with copra oil cake. The manufacturers should be the best judges of what is required, and | if they say that tung oil is necessary we should not put our opinions against theirs. In order to meet competition, tung oil should be admited free.

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