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Wednesday, 10 August 1921

Senator GARDINER (New South Wales) .- Just before the Senate adjourns, and' to save the time which would be occupied in moving the adjournment to-morrow, I want to ask the Minister for Defence (Senator Pearce), although the matter may not be connected with his Department, if ' he will interfere to secure a fair deal for two badly broken returned soldiers. One of these poor fellows is suffering from a ohest complaint. The Government . Medical Officer of his town and the Repatriation doctor have- certified that he will never befit for employment again. The other is in the Sydney Hospital with his lower limbs paralysed, and he will never work again. The first soldier referred to, who is suffering from tuberculosis, has quite recently had his pension reduced from £2 per fortnight to £1 per fortnight, or 10s. per week. Thishas been done in spite of the fact that the Government Medical Officer in the town in which he lives has certified that he will never work again. The other case is that of a returned soldier who was five months on Gallipoli, and who was an able and capable young man when he went away, and must, for the rest of his life, be a cripple with, his lower limbs paralyzed. I ask the Minister if hewill intervene in the interests of these poor men, whose names I do not desire to make public, and will see that their cases are properly inquired into, and that they receive the consideration which I am sure the people of Australia would demand for them.

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