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Wednesday, 10 August 1921

Senator LYNCH (Western Australia) . - I do not know whether honorable senators are prepared -to vote for everything the Government places before them without thyme or reason, fact or argument; but I have in my hand, two books circulated by the Government ostensibly for the instruction and guidance of senators. One has the high-sounding title of Tariff Hand-booh, and is edited by Mr.

Ambrose Pratt. The other is called, Supplement to Australian Tariff Handbook. In neither of these publications, which constitute, for the Government their Bible or Koran, in respect to Tariff matters, can I find a single appeal for an additional duty on wax for the protection of locally-produced stearine; and these publications are the latest and last word on the subject. Are we to accept the mere say-so of the Government? I hope not. But, apparently, if honorable senators are prepared to accept the Government's proposal in respect to the duty on paraffine wax they are doing this. In these books are the most extreme views imaginable in favour of "high Protection, but neither of them contains one syllable in. reference to the necessity for a Protective duty in favour of the -stearine manufacturers of Australia. I warn honorable senators that if a duty is placed on the raw product used in the manufacture of paraffine wax candles, later on a proposal must be made for an extra duty on the candles themselves. Honorable senators have neither the time nor the opportunity, unless they devote twentyfour hours each day to the task, to make themselves acquainted with all the facts, figures, and circumstances surrounding every item in this schedule. It is not to be expected of them that they should bc fully aware of the why and wherefore of every duty. ' Therefore, I put these facts before them, showing that even in these books of extreme views circulated by the Government for the information of this Chamber nothing is said as to the necessity for this increased duty asked for by the Government itself.

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