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Wednesday, 27 July 1921

Senator VARDON - Why wait?' Why not -make sure now that there will be no duplication ?

Senator PAYNE - I do riot want to wait. I wish to make the Bill as effective as possible. I would be only too glad to support Senator Wilson, or any other honorable senator, in an amendment which I thought desirable; but I feel that if this amendment were carried it would practically destroy the possibility of effective work being done by the Board.

Senator Vardon - The Board can make any inquiries that the Minister thinks desirable.

Senator PAYNE - We -were talking a little while ago of all Ministers being overburdened with work, and there is no doubt they' are. We advocated that they should be relieved of a certain portion of their work, and to that end limited the expenditure of the Board ; but now we are attempting to impose on the Minister an extra burden. We are ignoring the fact that we can reasonably anticipate the appointment of a Board composed of men who will know their work, and that whatever they do will be in the direction, not of duplication, but of original inquiry into matters which can ,-be intimately connected only with the working of the Tariff.

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