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Friday, 6 May 1921

Senator FOLL (QUEENSLAND) - I was not abusing the soldiers or their dependants, but was merely supporting a. fair proposition. Senator Gardiner, in quoting a number of striking illustrations,has mentioned several extreme instances, and one cannot shut one's eyes to the fact that there is a good deal in what he has said. In some cases there may be a brother and sister who have lost their parents, and if the brother had lost his life at the Front surely the sister should be entitled to wear any decoration which was hie.

The Minister for Defence (Senator Pearce)could tell us that there were quite a number of cases of a similar nature which arose when the next-of-kin badges were issued. Quite a number were brought under my notice in which female relatives who were much more to the soldier than those which the regulations cover, were desirous of securing the nextofkin badges, but because the regulationswere so stringent it was impossible to extend to them any consideration.I think it was during the early stages of the issue of the next-of-kin badges that I brought the matter under the notice of the Minister, and, as a result of certain overtures,the regulation was amended so that others could be included. I think it would be desirable if the Minister would bring in an amendment covering many of those which are to be brought forward by other honorable senators.

Senator PRATTEN (NEW SOUTH WALES) - Why not knock the clause out altogether?

Senator FOLL (QUEENSLAND) - I am not altogether opposed to the clause; but I believe it is possible to make the provision even better than that contained in the principal Act. In these circumstances it would be better to report progress, so that honorable senators who have amendments to move may have an opportunity of perusing the principal Act, to see what effect they will have.

The CHAIRMAN (Senator Bakhap -The hour of 4 o'clock having arrived, it is imperative under the sessional order relating to the adjournment of the Senate on Fridays, that I now put the question -

That the Chairman do now leave the chair and report to the Senate.

Motion agreed to; progress reported.

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