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Thursday, 17 June 1915

Senator READY (Tasmania) .- I congratulate Senator Guy on having resurrected this musty statement by Senator Bakhap.

Senator Guy - I have not resurrected it; I heard it.

Senator READY - Senator Bakhap is the gentleman who has accused us more than any other politician in Tasmania of being a caucus-bound party.

Senator Bakhap - Which, is quitecorrect.

Senator READY - We admit it.

Senator Bakhap - I say the Liberal party is not caucus-bound.

Senator READY - The honorable senator said in the Tasmanian Parliament that he had to vote for measures in which he did not believe.

Senator Lt Colonel Sir Albert Gould - So has the honorable senator.

Senator READY - No, I have not. There is a vital distinction between the policy of this party and the other.

Senator Bakhap - I have never voted for a measure in which I did not believe, but I said that under the system of party t government, and in the position in which the Tasmanian House then stood, it was possible for such a thing to happen.

Senator READY - No apology or equivocation will get the honorable senator out of the hole in which his ownspeech has landed him. The Labour party is elected on a platform in which we all believe, and which we advocatebefore the electors. We are bound on all questions affecting the platform to sit. solidly together as one party. That applies to all details of the platform to which we unitedly subscribe. We are pledged only on the details of the platform, but nt> Labour man or Government supporter will admit that we are pledged to vote for measures in which we do not believe. We are entirely free on all matters outside our platform. Senator Bakhap's admission which Senator Guy has resurrected clearly shows the position which the members of the Liberal party are in, while they accuse us of being' caucus-bound.

Senator Pearce - Senator Bakhap will be haled before the Liberal caucus for this

Senator READY - He will get into trouble like Mr. Pullen is in to-day in Tasmania. We know that Senator Bakhap was once a Socialist.

Senator Bakhap - He is a Socialist now, but of quite a different type from you gentlemen.

Senator READY - He used to write to the press letters that nearly scorched the paper they were written on, so advanced were they. We know also that he was coquetting at one particular time to get selected as a Labour candidate for Parliament.

Senator Bakhap - On a point of order, 1 unhesitatingly affirm that I never sought selection as a Labour candidate.

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