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Friday, 11 December 1914

Senator MULLAN - Yes, he can boast in the camp about being a "scab," but his men must not talk about unionism. Meagher's statement continues -

He has employed a man at the depot who, we are led to believe, acted as a special constable during the 1912 strike, and lias also worked on the trains since. This ex-tramway man is given the preference tb work to the detriment of the other men employed.

E.   Meagher.

That is the way this man Thompson treats unionists in the camp. He lauds the "scab," proclaims himself to have been a " scab," glories in the name of " scab," and gives the preference to "scabs" in camp.

Senator McKissock - He has no right to be over unionists.

Senator MULLAN - He h as no right to ram his ideas of unionism down the throats of unionists and then have his offence condoned by a Labour Minister. The next statement comes from a man who signs himself " M. G. Gardiner," and is as follows -

Newmarket, 6th November, 1914.

I certify the following statements were made by the officer in charge of the Remount Depot : -

1.   He would not allow the men to discuss unionism in any shape or form while he is in charge of the dep6t.

2.   He himself was proud to be able to boast that he is a non-unionist, and that he worked loading ships in Townsville during the strike in 1912.

A man must not say that he is a unionist, but Thompson may boast that he is a non-unionist.

Senator O'Keefe - You see he was the boss.

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