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Friday, 11 December 1914

Senator TURLEY (Queensland) . - I am glad that the VicePresident of the Executive Council has not altogether forgotten what he was taught at Sunday school. It is quite right that he should ask honorable senators to treat him in the same way as they themselves would like to be treated. I believe that he will get that treatment. We have heard this afternoon, from Senator Newland, a good deal about the north-south railway, the agreement made with South Australia, and the enormous number of men who will be employed upon that work. Indeed, we have had a general wail from South Australia. But there is not much in it, and to my mind it has been made only for the purposes of pub- lication Senator Newland pointed to the item, "Railways and transport, salaries, £10,475." But that item has nothing whatever to do with the building of the Pine Creek to Katherine River line, except that it covers the salaries of thosepersons who come under the ordinary salary list. The money for the buildingof that undertaking was voted last year in the Loan Act.

Senator Millen - But the item served another useful purpose, in that it gave Senator Newland his opportunity.

Senator TURLEY - It formed a peg upon which that honorable senator hung the wail of which I have spoken. The construction of the railway from Pine Creek to the Katherine River will cost £400,000. That money has already been appropriated for the purpose by Parliament, and the railway is being built. The geographical information that we obtained from Senator Newland was of a wonderful character. He told us all about the Barklay tableland. One would imagine, from his remarks, that it was right in the track of this railway, when, as a matter of fact, it is hundreds of miles distant.

Senator Lt Colonel O'Loghlin - How many hundreds of miles?

Senator TURLEY - The honorablesenator, too, wishes to get some geographical information. If he will only look at a map of the Northern Territory - he will find that the line is a long way from the Barklay tableland, which ad- - joins the boundary of Queensland, and inns westward.

Senator Senior - Does not the railwayrun through the tableland ?

Senator Millen - Will not Senator Turley allow the South Australian representatives the privilege of shifting the tableland, in order to suit their argument ?

Senator TURLEY - The unfortunate thing is that there are so many people who know exactly where the Barklay tableland is located. Regarding Senator Newland's remarks about the existence of artesian water, I wish to say that it has not yet been proved that the Barklay tableland is within the artesian area. I do not believe that there have been any bores put down there. As a matter of fact, it is a fairly dry country. It is true that wells have been put down to a depth of 40 and 100 feet. But, nevertheless, the country has yet to he proved from the standpoint of supplies of artesian -water. It is idle to say that the Barklay tableland is within the artesian basin, and that we shall get enormous quantities of water there. Can any honorable senator tell me where it has been proved that there are large quantities of artesian water in the coastal area? The railway from Pine Creek to the Katherine River will run through the coastal area. I suppose that there has been more artesian boring done in Queensland than there has been in any other State.

Senator Senior - There has been a good deal done in South Australia.

Senator TURLEY - Where ? In areas where pastoral work has to be carried on it is not yet known whether artesian supplies of water exist. My honorable friends from Western Australia believe that such supplies do exist.

Senator Senior - If the honorable senator will afford me the opportunity I will give him reliable information on. that point.

Senator TURLEY - In such circumstances I will resume my seat.

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