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Thursday, 15 October 1914

Senator PEARCE - As I informed the Senate yesterday, I am not yet in a position to give all the details of the scheme, for the reason that it is still under the consideration of the Cabinet. I am, however, in a position to say that the minimum pension a year will be £52 in the case of a woman whose husband has died, and £13 for each child up to the sum of £52, so that in the case of a widow with four children the pension will be £104 a year. In a case of total disablement, in addition to the £52 to be paid to the wife, there will be half that amount payable on account of the fact that her husband has also to be provided for, and an equivalent amount for the children. The question of provision for dependants other than widows and children will be determined on the same basis as that laid down in the Commonwealth Workmen's Compensation Act, and the percentage as to disablement will also be that of the table adopted for that Act. That will be the minimum. I cannot make any statement as regards the other matters.

Senator ALBERT GOULD (NEW SOUTH WALES) -Colonel Sir Albert Gould. - Up to what age in the case of children?

Senator PEARCE - Up to the age of sixteen years.

Senator Bakhap - Widows and children of those who die or are killed in action?

Senator PEARCE - That is so. It will apply, not only to the Military, but also to the Naval Forces, and will come into operation on the departure of members of either Force from Australia on active service.

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