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Thursday, 31 October 1912

In Committee (Consideration of House of Representatives' message) :

House of Representatives' Amendments:- After clause 39 add the following new clauses : -

30.   Section one hundred and twelve of the Principal Act is repealed and the following section inserted in its stead : - "112. - (1.) Any person who represents a trade mark as registered which is not so shall be liable for every offence on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding Five pounds. " (2.) A person shall be deemed, for the pur poses of this section to represent that a trade mark is registered, if he uses in connexion with the trade mark the word ' registered,' or any words expressing or implying that registration has been obtained for the trade mark."

31.   Section one hundred and thirteen of the Principal Act is amended -

(a)   by inserting therein after the words " Royal Arms " the words " or the Arms of the Commonwealth"; and

(b)   by omitting therefrom the words "so nearly resembling them" and inserting in their stead the words " so nearly resembling the Royal Arms or the Arms of the Commonwealth."

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