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Thursday, 2 November 1911

The CHAIRMAN - I must ask the honorable senator to address the Chair.

Senator DE LARGIE - This roll will be of assistance in connexion with Census returns, and for statistical purposes of a hundred and one kinds; and we should have it for that purpose, if for no other purpose. Some reference has been made to the exemptions under the Defence Act, but I do not know that "those who are exempt get any advantage. Because we find, reading the Act, that, whilst they may be exempted from taking part in the fighting, they arenot exempt from service. Those who refuse to serve in the ranks may be requisitioned for hospital service, and other duties. The persons exempt under the Defence Act are Judges of Federal and State Courts, ministers of religion, members of Parliament, persons employed in lighthouses, and persons who satisfy the prescribed authority that their conscientious beliefs do not allow them to bear arms. Senator Gardiner and those who are supporting the amendment have failed to point out a single religious sect which entertains religious beliefs in antagonism to compulsory enrolment.

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