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Thursday, 2 November 1911

Senator FINDLEY (Victoria) (Honorary Minister) . - I think the clause explains itself. It has been found by experience that the exhibition of a map a second time makes it very difficult indeed to prepare the rolls in connexion with an impending election. The clause can do no harm to any elector or any candidate, and it will have the effect of facilitating the work of the Department.

Clause agreed to.

Clause 7 -

After section thirty-two of the Principal Act the following section is inserted : - " 32a. - (1.) The Governor-General may, by any proclamation directing the preparation of new rolls, declare that the new rolls shall be prepared under a system of compulsory enrolment, and may direct that every person entitled to enrolment on any new roll shall sign and sendto the proper officer in accordance with the regulations a form of claim for enrolment and otherwise comply with the regulations relating to compulsory enrolment. " Provided that where an elector has been enrolled in pursuance of any claim signed by him as directed by a proclamation and is correctly enrolled, he shall not be required to sign and send in any further claim for enrolment in connexion with the preparation of a new roll under any subsequent proclamation, unless he has changed bis place of living so as to render a change in his enrolment necessary. " (2.) The regulations shall prescribe anything necessary or convenient to be prescribed for carrying . 1 system of compulsory enrolment into effect and may prescribe penalties not exceeding Two pounds for any contravention of any regulation made in pursuance of this power."

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