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Wednesday, 1 November 1911

Senator McCOLL (Victoria) .- Senator Hendersonhas now tried to wriggle out of the charge which he made some time ago. He certainly spoke about the electoral laws, and complained that they had been administered to the advantage of parties opposed to his own. But he also said that polling places had been established, or had not been established, for the special purpose of obtaining votes for the party to which he is opposed, and of depriving the opposite party of voting facilities. It is a personal charge made against a previous Administration. That was taken up by the Leader of the Opposition. I hope that the matter will be cleared up, and that the Government will extend this measure of fair play to their political opponents. Senator Henderson has tried to crayfish out of his previous statements, but he cannot be allowed to do so.

Senator Givens - Is the honorable senator in order in attributing to Senator, Henderson a desire to crayfish out of anything?

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