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Thursday, 26 October 1911

Dear Sir, - Mr. Walpole, the secretary of the Employers' Federation, is about to address a meeting in- , to be advertised in your journal. Mr. L. K. Preston, who is connected with this Press Association, is ahead of him, and will call upon you. I am sure you will kindly assist in making the meeting a success.

For a considerable time past this Press Association has devoted leading articles to the policy of the Employers' Federation, so far as it is opposed to the confiscatory socialistic tendencies of the day. And as some recognition of this, the suggestion made that a substantial portion of someĀ£50,000 now expended by the big advertisers with the metropolitan press should be given to the provincial press at decent rates, has found favour.

Mr. Prestonwill explain more fully. I hope shortly to offer you some 6,9, and 12 month contracts, and will communicate with you further in due course. You might have a chat with Mr. Walpole. Why not a column interview? His Federation, as you know, represents capital interests totalling overĀ£400,000,000, and if we help the Federation, it intends to help us. That has been my aim, and it is in course of achievement. There are now 70 provincial journals represented by this Association in Victoria and the sister States. By-and-by you may think it desirable to throw in your lot with us. For one thing, it means contracts at a minimum rate of one shilling per inch, not the paltry 2d. and 3d. per inch of some of the city " agencies."

Senator Findley - Is there not some assurance that they will write leading articles to order?

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