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Wednesday, 4 October 1911
Page: 1031

Senator PEARCE (Western AustraliaMinister of Defence) . - I move -

That sub-clause 1 be left out, with a view to insert in lieu thereof the following sub-clause : - "(1.) A steam-ship in respect of which - '

(a)   a certificate of survey granted by the Board of Trade of the United Kingdom, or

(i)   a prescribed classification certificate granted by any corporation or association for the survey and registry of ships, approved by the GovernorGeneral, hag been issued, shall, whilst that certificate remains in force, but subject to the provisions of sub-sections (3.) to (5.) of this section, be exempt from survey under this Act."

Sub-clause 1 provides that a steam-ship, in respect of which a. certificate of survey granted or recognised by the Board of Trade has been granted, shall, subject to the succeeding provisions of the clause, be exempt from survey under this Act. The words " or recognised " were intended to cover certificates issued by such private corporations as were approved by the Board of Trade. It has been pointed out to the Government that the Board of Trade does not officially recognise the certificates of any private corporations.

Senator Millen - Does that include Llovd's ?

Senator PEARCE - Yes. The Board of Trade has suggested a drafting alteration in order that the sub-clause may thoroughly express what is intended, namely, the recognition, of- certificates of approved private companies. Under the proposed subclause we give the Governor-General power to approve such private corporations. The Board of Trade lias promised to advise us what corporations may safely be approved. Further, we propose to take power to recognise, if we so desire, only certain of the certificates of any approved companies. There are three companies, I understand, which are at present recognised by the Board. We also correct, by the new subclause, a slight drafting inaccuracy. Instead of the " succeeding provisions, of this section," we substitute "the provisions of sub-sections 3 to 5 of this section." The exception contained in sub-clause .1 is hot intended to' be made subject to sub- clause 2, for they deal with different matters. It is really a drafting amendment which brings the provision into conformity with the practice of the Board of Trade in dealing with recognised private companies which issue these certificates. We shall be guided in our approval of the companies by the recommendation of the Board.

Amendment agreed to.

Clause as amended agreed to.

Clause 223 - (3.) The position of the disc shall be fixed in. accordance with the tables in force in the United Kingdom under the provisions of the Merchant Shipping Act, subject to such allow ance as may be made necessary by any difference between the position of the deck-line marked under this Act and the position of the line from which free-board is measured under the said tables :

Provided that, in ships laden with coal, the position of the disc shall be, at all seasons of the year, not higher than that prescribed, by the Board of Trade Regulations, for the winter load-line.

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