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Wednesday, 4 October 1911
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Senator RAE (New South Wales) . - I do not think that any Minister in his senses would dream of imposing the obligation embodied in this clause upon a ship trading along our coast, and touching at a port every few hours. But if it be intended to apply it only to vessels voyaging to and from Western Australia and New Zealand, I think that the provision is a good one. I am quite aware that sometimes we may better preserve our health by keeping away from doctors than by consulting them!, although it frequently happens that the services of a surgeon are necessary. Unlike Senator Gardiner, I think that shipping companies can well afford to pay for the proposed new departure. I hope that too great a distance will not be prescribed in the case of vessels which are required to carry a doctor, and I do not see why the provision should be limited to those which carry 100 passengers. However, it is beyond my power to alter that.

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