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Thursday, 9 December 1976
Page: 3735

Mr Innes asked the Minister for Education, upon notice:

(   1 ) What applications for Commonwealth assistance have been received in respect of Exhibition High School, formerly Fitzroy Girls High School, in each of the years 1973, 1974, 1975 and 1976.

(2)   Is this school considered to be one of the disadvantaged schools by the Victorian education authorities and the Schools Commission.

(3)   Which applications have been accepted and funded, and which applications have been rejected for funding, and for what reasons.

(4)   What is the proportion of children receiving financial assistance from Commonwealth revenue sources and what is the proportion of students of the relevant age receiving such assistance generally for the electoral division of Melbourne.

(5)   What special provision is made at the school to provide for the needs of ethnic communities and low income sections of the population, indicating which programs have been funded relating to the innovations and maintenance schemes.

Mr Viner -The Minister for Education has provided the following answer to the honourable member's question:

(1)   The Victorian Government is responsible for the administration of primary and secondary education in government schools in Victoria. This responsibility includes the provision of financial assistance to these schools. The school has never applied directly to the Commonwealth, under Schools Commission programs, for assistance.

(2)   Yes. The school was declared a disadvantaged school on the advice of the Victorian Minister of Education.

(3)   The information in respect of rejections would have to be obtained from the Victorian Education Department

The only information available to the Schools Commission in respect of funded projects at the school is as'' follows:

In 1975, under the Disadvantaged Schools Program, the school received $4,060 for recurrent purposes and $198,651 for capital purposes. The capital grant was for the conversion of an old Stores Branch for photographic work.

(4)   There is a capacity for all school children at Exhibition High School and in the Electorate of Melbourne to receive financial assistance from the Commonwealth. The Commonwealth makes funds available to the States for government school programs which are additional to those which the States have at their disposal. The distribution of these funds is a State matter. In 1976 $85,267,000 has been allocated to Victoria, under Schools Commission programs, by the Commonwealth for government school projects. These funds are allocated to schools in accordance with the priorities determined by the Victorian Minister of Education. This money directed through Schools Commission programs is additional to that available to the State for education purposes from Commonwealth general revenue grants.

Four students at Exhibition High School have been receiving assistance in 1976 under the Aboriginal Secondary Grants Scheme. Similar figures are not readily available for the Electoral Division of Melbourne. However, if the honourable member should have any particular school in mind, I will attempt to obtain the relevant figures for him.

(   5 ) The only information in respect of this question known to the Schools Commission is that set out in (3) and that the school has received and receives support for migrant education through the Child Migrant Education Program and currently through the Migrant and Multicultural education program ofthe Schools Commission. It is known that under the latter program one teacher at the school is being funded. Further information would have to be obtained from the Victorian Education Department.

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