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Thursday, 9 December 1976
Page: 3662

Mr Lloyd asked the Treasurer, upon notice:

(   1 ) Can he say what was the surplus or deficit position of each of the State Governments' budgets and other revenue and loan accounts for 1975-76, and what is their budgeted estimate for 1976-77.

(2)   What is the actual and percentage increase or decrease in the various Commonwealth Government grant and loan provisions to the States and what is the estimated increase in expenditure in each of the State budgets for 1976-77.

(3)   What taxes and other charges have been increased or decreased in each of the State budgets.

Mr Lynch - The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

(1)   The following tables show the net results of State revenue fund operations in 1975-76 and 1976-77 (estimated) and Suite loan fund balances at 30 June 1975, 1976 and 1977 (estimated).


2(a) Particulars of estimated increases or decreases in Commonwealth payments to or for the States and State Government Loan Council programs in 1 976-77 are given in the following tables.


2(b) Particulars of estimated increases in expenditure from State Revenue Funds in 1976-77 are given in the following table.


(3)   The following variations in State taxes and charges were announced in relevant Budget Speeches for 1976-77. Major variations (apart from increases in hospital fees) announced earlier are noted in brackets.


No new taxes or increases in existing taxes. Concessions in stamp duty on conveyances, death duties, payroll tax, racing taxes, poker machine taxes and liquor licences. 'Moderate increases' in fees and charges (unidentified) for government services. (A 20 per cent reduction in passenger fares on public transport, a 7 per cent increase in freight rates and an increase in motor vehicle taxation were announced prior to the Budget.)


No new taxes or increases in existing taxes. Concessions in probate duty, payroll tax, workers compensation supplementary surcharge and land tax. In the case of the last mentioned tax, existing valuations will be retained for landtax purposes in 1977. (Railway charges were increased in July 1976.)


Increases in certain liquor licence fees, reductions in others. Increases in rail fares and freights and in government fees and charges for services, for example. Titles Office fees, fees charged by the Supreme Court, District Courts and Magistrates Courts, and fees for registration of factories, shops, business names etc. Succession and gift duties to be abolished. Concessions in payroll tax, workers' compensation insurance premiums, land tax and road transport permit fees.


No new taxes or increases in existing taxes. Concessions in succession duty r stamp duty on conveyances, payroll tax and land tax. Increases in wharfage charges, conservancy dues, pilotage and tonnage rates. ( Increases averaging 1 5 per cent in water and sewer rates in 1976-77, and in motor vehicle taxes were announced prior to the Budget.)


No increases in State taxes or charges. Concessions in death duties, payroll tax and stamp duty. (Bus fares were increased in July 1976.)


No new taxes or increases in existing taxes. Concessions in death duties, land tax, payroll tax, casino tax, statutory levy on Hydro-Electric Commission. Entertainment tax to be abolished.

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