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Thursday, 9 December 1976
Page: 3577

Mr ELLICOTT(WentworthAttorneyGeneral) by leave- The report of the Copyright Law Committee on reprographic reproduction deals principally with the question of the photocopying of copyright works. Honourable members may recall that there has been a prolonged campaign by authors and publishing interests to obtain compensation for the reproduction of their works in Australian universities and schools. Complaints have also been voiced by educational bodies, amongst others, that the provisions of the Copyright Act permitting the use of copyright materials for the purposes of education, private study or research were difficult to apply and in need of clarification. The Copyright Law Committee on reprographic reproduction was appointed in June 1974 and received written and oral submissions from educational authorities, teachers, students, librarians, professional bodies, scientific institutions, authors, publishers and editors.

It has long been a problem for copyright laws to keep up to date with changes in technology. Consideration of the issue of reprographic reproduction and copyright has occurred at an international level, without any international solution being reached. The international discussions have left the issue to be resolved at a national level. No country appears yet to have come up with a solution that has achieved wide acceptance. The report of the Committee is therefore likely to be awaited with considerable interest overseas. The recommendations of the Committee, particularly those relating to the scheme for remuneration for copying in educational establishments, require public discussion and comment. I therefore invite submissions on the report, and it is the Government's hope that the report will be considered early in the new year so that any amending legislation may be introduced into Parliament in the autumn session next year. Submissions should be made to my Department by 1 March 1977. Officers of my Department will, of course, be available to discuss the substance of the report with interested parties. I thank the House.

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