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Wednesday, 8 December 1976
Page: 3546

Mr MARTYR - If I have to accept the epithets from the other side of the House in order to speak about defending this country, I am pleased to do so. Somebody has to do it. If I am going to be a target, that is well and good. But somebody has to speak about the problem which this country is facing. We are still unready, even with the White Paper and all the things it has told us. I approve of all the things in the White Paper but we are still unready for any sort of an attack. We are surrounded by potential dangers. There is no question about the main line of danger to this country. There is no doubt at all that it comes from the communist countries. We cannot do a great deal, I suppose, to retaliate against a direct attack. But there is much that we can do to ensure that we are properly defended within. It seems to me that the responsibility of this House and of the people in it is to give the message to the Australian people. Somehow or other we have to get them out of the feeling of apathy which they have at the moment.

Mr Keith Johnson (BURKE, VICTORIA) - Warmonger.

Mr MARTYR -Mr Speaker,I ask you not to worry about the interjection.

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