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Thursday, 18 November 1976
Page: 2922

Mr JAMES (Hunter) - I refer to an article written by Mr Alan Reid in the Bulletin of 13 November. This is the second article by Mr Alan Reid, who is a senior member of the Press Gallery, in which he has made attempts to silence me in the House of Representatives, which is the people's House. He will not succeed in doing so as long as there is breath in my body and my vocal chords will ring out. His first attack on me was some years ago when I raised a matter in this Parliament concerning the biggest illegal abortion clinic that ever operated in this countrythe Heather Brae abortion clinic at Bondi. Some 18 months after my mentioning and disclosing this matter in this Parliament- he accused me of doing so under parliamentary privilege- three to five people from this clinic were charged before the criminal court in Sydney and three or four of those people whom I named in my speech in the adjournment debate for which Mr Alan Reid criticised me were named in the annual reports of the Commissioner of Taxation for underestimating their illicit income of well over $200,000. That is the type of thing that I have disclosed in this House.

In his recent article Alan Reid criticised me for bringing up a particular series of matters. He tabbed me as the portrait of a bucket-dropper. He accused me of making unfair allegations about Mr Gorton. On my recollection of my allegations about Mr Gorton or the questions that I put to Mr Gorton-Hansard will prove me right- Mr Gorton would thank me for bringing the matter forward. I believe that that man was threatened with blackmail. That is one of the main reasons why I mentioned the incident concerning him.

Alan Reid has accused me of making unfair criticism of a solicitor who, in my view, is unscrupulous. Time will tell as to that, if honourable members are not satisfied now. I am referring to a Mr Danny Sankey, who launched criminal proceedings against the former Prime Minister of this country -

Mr Armitage - Is he not connected with the case at Queanbeyan?

Mr JAMES - Yes. Mr Alan Reid said in his recent article that I had made unfair allegations under the privilege of Parliament. Among the unfair allegations, he said, was a suggestion that Mr Sankey had a part-ownership in a girlie bar in Sydney. I made those allegations. I stand by the allegations. A certain government department, the identity of which I would not disclose, has on its records information which shows that Mr Sankey is a part-owner of the Caprice restaurant at Double Bay. Yesterday an article appeared in the Daily Mirror which reads:

A Sydney solicitor, Mr Danny Sankey, is risking a personal fortune to wage one of the most unusual court battles in Australian legal history.

The article said that it had been estimated that Mr Sankey will have to meet an expense of $30,000 to wage a prosecution against the Leader of the Opposition (Mr E. G. Whitlam), the Deputy Leader of the Opposition (Mr Uren), the honourable member for Cunningham (Mr Connor) and another former senior Minister of the Whitlam Administration. I come now to an article in yesterday's Australian, which refers to a mystery man:

Adnan Khashoggi described as the biggest middle man in the world, flies into Australia on Friday on board his private Boeing 727 for an undisclosed purpose.

The 4 1 -year old Arab is the master broker between Saudi Arabia and Western industry and is reported to be worth $100m.

My information is that this man buys arms which are intended to be used against Israel by certain Arab countries. My information also is- if I am wrong I shall readily get up and apologise- that he is to be entertained at the Caprice restaurant at Double Bay next Friday night. That is the restaurant of which Mr Danny Sankey is a part owner. That might well answer from where Danny Sankey is to find $30,000 to meet his legal expenses.

Mr Martyr - What do the meals cost?

Mr JAMES - I do not know. You would know better than 1. 1 do not frequent those places.

Mr Antony Whitlam (GRAYNDLER, NEW SOUTH WALES) - Arab money will pay for it.

Mr JAMES - Arab money is probably paying the costs of Danny Sankey. It may come from this multi-millionaire gun runner who is negotiating arms deals.

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